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During the summer of 2021, parents from neighboring school districts became united in their quest to both address and resolve serious consequences being experienced by their children due to the Covid-19 mandates placed upon them.

Primary issues of concern were at the forefront due to the school’s pandemic response, but many other troubling issues surfaced as a result of more parent engagement-issues that existed for years because of the lack of parents and taxpayers participating at their school board meetings. There
was simply no oversight by the citizenry; which allowed for an overreach of power in many of our school boards.

The various parent/taxpayer groups were at different evolutionary phases in their struggle or engagement with their school boards and administration. This prompted an initiative to join together and better organize for effectiveness, and to create a “brain trust” of collective experience and intelligence. Our Mission unites us and our “brain trust” equips each group to educate, train, share research and resources, and disseminate information to effect change at their local school district level.
And thus...Citizens Advisory of Pennsylvania was born.

We now realize how impactful we have become, and can be, at effecting change at our local school boards, and are in the process of inviting and uniting members of our PA school district intermediate units to join us. Parents and taxpayers will not have to stand alone at the podium at the district level meetings; the full weight and support of Citizens Advisory of PA will be behind them.

As members of this group and as a Citizens Advisory of PA Parent.... You will not be alone.



Report an Incident at your school district you would like our group to look into.

Your Donation can help
Fuel the cause

To help achieve our mission, we are asking for community support. 

Citizens Advisory of Pennsylvania is now a 501c3 Non-profit Organization that allows for tax-deductible contributions

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