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We are a voice for the children and stakeholders of our communities, as we advocate for their constitutional rights, educational choices, and pursuit of happiness. We hold local elected officials accountable by pursuing full transparency

in all fiscal, policy and curriculum decisions made using taxpayer resources.

Primary Pursuits:

● Conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with our mission and pursuits while
respecting the rights and opinions of others, that are supported by 
source information and the United States and Pennsylvania State Constitution(s).

● Support elected officials by monitoring their adherence to the United States and Pennsylvania State constitution(s),  as well as school policy guidelines to protect the rights of students, parents, and the taxpayer community.

● Follow due process to advocate for fundamental rights and liberties of all community stakeholders, while pursuing all legal means to secure such outcomes.

● Hold elected officials to their oath of office with primary accountability being to their constituents.

● Fully realize parental choice through our voice and peaceful action.


● Promote transparency in all fiscal, policy, and curriculum decisions as provided for by established lawful policy.

● Empower all members of Citizens Advisory of Pennsylvania, Inc. through education of the Pennsylvanian Sunshine Act, Pennsylvania State and United States Constitutions.

● Champion holding elected officials accountable through sanctions for any violations that may apply.


Report an Incident at your school district you would like our group to look into.

Your Donation can help
Fuel the cause

To help achieve our mission, we are asking for community support. 

Citizens Advisory of Pennsylvania is now a 501c3 Non-profit Organization that allows for tax-deductible contributions

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