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Classroom Lecture


We are a voice for the children and stakeholders of our communities, and we advocate for their
constitutional rights, educational choices, and pursuit of happiness. We hold local school boards
accountable by pursuing full transparency in all fiscal, policy and curriculum decisions in the region’s schools.

The need for engagement...


School systems are complex and require many types of leadership to function properly.

One of the primary sources of guidance and leadership in a school system is the school

board. Along with the superintendent, the school board works to make sure the school

has all of the resources it needs to serve its students effectively. 

The school board is our nearest representative government elected by the community

and take an oath to uphold the state constitution and United States Constitution. They

are supposed to be a voice for the community while holding the school administration

accountable for taxpaying citizens.

Over the last 40 years, parents have been absent from their school board meetings.

During this absence, school boards have not had public engagement which allowed

school administrations to steer major decisions throughout communities instead of

taxpayers.  This is the primary reason that transparency has all but vanished, tax

increases are out of control, curriculum has gone off the tracks and parents' rights to

their children has been infringed.

Please join us in our efforts to hold school boards and administration accountable again.

As a member of Citizens Advisory of PA you will not be alone. 





Report an Incident at your school district you would like our group to look into.

Your Donation can help
Fuel the cause

To help achieve our mission, we are asking for community support. 

Citizens Advisory of Pennsylvania is now a 501c3 Non-profit Organization that allows for tax-deductible contributions

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